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"Create a more accessible system for world products to reach the innovators of the industry"

  • Global Impact

    »   Benefits of working with concerns for the environment around us.
  • Wind

    »   Getting power from the most common natural occurance, wind, is expected to grow and generator over 20% of the worlds power by 2020.
  • »   Solar Photovoltaic Systems are Reliable and Energy Effecient!





Why Verde?

Verde LLC delivers a reputable and highly efficient world accepted renewable energy product line. With the best rates and a highly trained staff, we guarantee to meet your needs and work with you to obtain your project goals.

» Clean Designs

With new legislation in play, companies and universities worldwide are applying their knowledge in clean and innovative design to create new work environments that are safer and better for employees.

» Best of Boston

Verde LLC received the award of Best of Boston for Renewable Energy. Verde LLC has continuously innovated, improved and promoted its cutting-edge technology in Wind, Solar and Hydrogen spectrums.


  • VERDE LLC is a subsidiary of parent company Angstrom Advanced Inc. For half a decade, Angstrom Advanced has pushed the boundaries of innovation in optical scientific instrumentation and high purity gas generation. Customers of top government, research, and private institutions stand by our products because of their reliability and low operating costs. Today, we have identified a unique opportunity to bring our detailed engineering knowledge to promote another blossoming industry: renewable energy. The VERDE LLC product line features top quality manufacturers of wind, solar, and hydrogen generators to provide the end consumer with the optimal sustainable energy infrastructure at minimal lifetime cost. VERDE LLC hydrogen generation is the product of many years of extensive research, resulting in the first truly high-efficiency ‘renewable hydrogen’ product in the marketplace.

  • » The Verde Team
  • Q: What does PV stand for?PhotoVoltaic
  • Q: What is Photovoltaic's?Photovoltaic's (PV) is the field of technology and research related to the application of solar cells for energy by converting solar energy directly into electricity.
  • Q: What kind government incentives are there?There are many government insertives out in the market that help financially support these projects. Visit this website for more information: http://www.dsireusa.org
  • Q: What happens if something goes wrong?Our office is dedicated to providing full support even after the completion of the project. Contact our office phone number or email us and we will be quick to return.
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