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Liquid Nitrogen/Oxygen/Argon Plant by Cryogenic Technology;


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We provides large scale Liquid Nitrogen plants using the Deep-Freezing (cryogenic) Process. The deep-freezing process separates air by means of rectification, which utilizes the different evaporation temperatures of the components in the air.

A cryogenic Nitrogen generator mainly consists of a warm part (with an air compressor and absorber) and a cold part (Fractionating Tower /Coldbox) with the rectification column where the actual air separation process takes place.

In the cryogenic Nitrogen generation process, air first passes through air filters and followed by the compressor, where it is compressed to the required pressure. Then it gets pre-cooled, and separated from water or other impurities in absorbers. After this, air will be cooled down in a heat exchanger to almost liquefaction temperature, before it finally goes into the fractionating tower. In the tower, the air is separated due to different evaporation temperatures: the liquid nitrogen will come out of the bottom of the tower, and then fed into the product line. Nitrogen Gas can be collected from cryogenic Nitrogen plant at customized flow rate. The purity of liquid Nitrogen can reach up to 99.99999%.






≥ 99%

Input Air Pressure

0-2 Mpa


-195 °C

Power Supply

AC 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
Work Pressure 0-2Mpa