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Hydrogen Refueling Station


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The containerized hydrogen refueling station is represented by the Verde which are highly recognized by customers and cover from Hydrogen genreator, compressor, storage and dispenser, and carry out in-depth research and development of the core algorithm of refueling process, so that the product foot print is smaller and energy consumption is lower, the filling process is fast and safe.


Hydrogen Fueling Capacity (KG/Day) 0 ~ 1000
Hydrogen Production(Nm3/h) 1 ~ 500
H2 Purity > 99.999%
H2 Dew Point < -70DegC
Dispensing Pressure/Nozzle TK16 / TK17 / TK25 for H35/H70
Footprint 20/40 ft Container


Hydrogen CUBE Refueler

User-friendly CUBE refueler only requires water and electric connection for hydrogen refueling. CUBE refueler is mainly suitable for customers with urgent refueling demands or relatively small amount of hydrogen needs. This refueler system has characteristics, such as high integration, easy maintenance and installation, high security and safety. It can also provide customized design according to unique customer requirements.